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hi people please help me Answered

Ok heres what i have to say.well i read on the net that americans just throw their phones away when it breaks but in south africa we fix the phones.sn please im asLl are making south africa a safer place for your own good.i will fix the cellphone's and sell it for the price it cost me to fix it so more south africans will be able to afford to own a phone


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Dr.Bill (author)2009-05-10

Many Americans turn their old phones over to the red cross or salvation army to be given to women for emergency phones. No need for cell service.

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cdubnbird (author)2009-02-15

sounds like a great plan but i don't think people would want to spend money mailing you a phone so that you could sell it. there are programs where many charitable organizations give used phones to other countries though.

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