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hi,can you connect a24volt wind turbine to a 12volt battrey? Answered



But you might be better with a 24V battery.
Does it output 24V AC?


Lemonie, the stator is wired for 24volt ac +- 800watt output rectified to dc. can i connect one 200ah 12volt battrey to the system.

If it's AC you could run it through a transformer before you rectify it. That's something you might have to buy, or re-wind your own (tedious)


(A "silly" way to do it would be to run a 24V inverter to "mains" and run a battery-charger off that, but it'd work, inefficiently)


No you can not connect the 12 volt battery to the 24 v. dc output. It will cook the battery in a short time. you could put two of the same type 12 batteries in series then connect that to the charger.

Or you could put in a voltage regulator and waste half of your output.

You can still tap 12 volts off the batteries.