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hide a fiver challenge Answered

just a simple challenge, all you get is bragging rites till the i decide on a new callenge. so here it is you have to you have to hide a five pound note (usa equivalent dimensions ($20)i think) in the easiest and quickest way. this has to be hidden on the body or be carried. deadline is the 6th march that it have fun


You could put it in your socks! You could eat it! But that wouldn't work very well... ummmm...You could give it to me and I could hide it for you! (Trust me, no one would ever find it!) You could tape it to the inside of a hat! I'm just spitting out the easiest ways.... (I got a million of 'em)

You can put the money in your shoes, just make a hole big unless it for the airport then your screwed from that point(X-ray).

Also you can just remove your soles from your shoes put theirs little room.

I know I have hidden $20's from my wife already by folding it in half, and pressing it fold down, into my wallet. Then putting $1's on "top" in the normal way. The 20 only comes up about half as far as the ones then, and is virtually hidden.