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hiding a bebo page Answered

Ok i have a small problem. My kid wants to do this poetic terrorism thing in our town. Putting up signs warning about low flying angels and such. There is a statue of some great leader of the past and he wants to put a ball and chain on him. This is subversive art and he wants to set up a bebo page or similar to display his poetic subversions but he is afraid that the page would lead authorities back to him. Can he hide?


. Unless you want to go to quite a bit of trouble (proxies, &c;), there is no way to hide on the Internet - you can always be tracked back to your IP address. . Anonymous tips to the media (he can then post about the media story) might be safer.

ok thats good advice. WE will have to be careful about how we violate the status quo. Nothing unsafe, nothing obviousley offensive. A guy in africa dressed up gorillas in clown suits just before the tourists came by on a bus. But to put the suits on he had to tranquilise the apes. The got him on animal cruelty. They were right too Anyone any ideas on "art" pranks to pull?

Not on bebo, no. If the city pursues it, and decides to do something about it, a warrant could be obtained to get your IP/whatever other details bebo would have about you. That being said, as long as it is easily removable, and not extremley obnoxious, it wouldn't be worth their time to persecute him.