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hlep! ebike question: how do you bolt the rear sprokect on the bike Answered

i am planing to use a 250watt motor to power my bike got it all figered out execpt how to bolt the rear sprokect?



Best Answer 7 years ago

The hub is threaded. The sprocket srews/unscrews from the hub.

i am plaing on useing 325 chain and sprokects? i know the rear sporkect goes on to the rear wheel but how do I attach it? thanks

The same way it normally attaches to the rear wheel.

Like already said.....More info is needed.
Are you planning on using a Regular Bike? If so you need to make sure the sprocket on your motor matches standard bike chain. The motors used throughout "Instructables" for these type of projects use #25 chain and I believe standard bike chain is #35. Therefore you need to match everything.
Otherwise give us something to work with here, and we will be glad to help.

I'm confused by the phrasing of your question. The rear sprocket attaches to the wheel, doesn't it?