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home remedies to get rid of household spiders in the summer? Answered

i recently am having spiders come down from the ceiling right in front of your face a few times a day. i am scared to death of spiders, no matter how big or small. the other night i had one on my arm when i woke up. these spiders are not little spiders either. i havent slept well since. just a few minutes ago while checking my facebook i had a spider come down and i didnt notice it untill it was about an inch from my nose. i about had a heart attack. needless to say.... all my kids are awake now because of the screem i let out...  please help me with some easy, cheap home remedies that really work well. PLEASE!!!!!!!!



5 years ago

My cat enjoys them, they keep her entertained for a short time, then she whacks them and often snacks on them, but that is only the ones on the floor.

Spiders are not after you, you are to big for them. They are however after the other bugs around that you do not see. They are predators and they are hunting. So in reality they are doing you a favor by eliminating other creepy crawly things that you don't see. It depends on the size of the spider but they could easily be cleaning out small roaches. There are only a few spiders that actually will bite people and very few that are harmful. If you have something like a brown recluse spider then that is a problem. When I was a kid I kept several black widow spiders in jars. Every now and then I would drop a bug in and watch the battle that ensued. Both were fighting for their lives, usually the spider won. None of my captives ever got loose.

When we get overrun by grasshoppers outside and the few garden spiders that have webs full of prey are overwhelmed I often wish that there were about 100 times more of the spiders so they could control the other problem bugs. My best suggestion is to get educated on spiders. Knowledge is the cure to many irrational myths and fears. Know your enemy, you may discover that it is not as much an enemy as you thought. Also becoming educated on spiders will help you to identify the ones that could be a problem. Study what you hate and fear and you may discover that it is far more interesting than you could have dreamed.

Just another thought.
I recently read in either "Popular Science" or Discover, that they are using some newly discovered info about spiders to prevent birds from running into windows. It turns out that the spider web silk glows at a certain UV frequency that birds see. To a bird flying the webs appear almost as solid so they avoid them. The spiders in turn don't have to rebuild their webs every time a bird flies by. There is a company that is now making glass panes for buildings with UV fibers like the ones in spider webs in the glass that the birds can see. In the high rise buildings that have used the new glass it has reduced bird strikes by over 90 percent. So, the lowly spider web could ultimately save millions of birds lives every year and make their migration routes much safer just because we finally understand that they can see what we can't.

I found an article about it, you might find more with a fuller search.

Fascinating Im hunting to night !

There isn't any easy way to rid a house of ALL spiders etc, they can hide in the smallest of cracks. Even if you could they will come back in because no house can be air tight.

FAR better is to see someone about your phobia and try to over come it. This can be done.

I dislike spiders (not apparently as bad as you ) but when pushed I can pick them up and put them outside. i have learned to control the fear.

If you want to get results then call an exterminator.