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homemade kites? Answered

i want instructions for a very simple home made kite



Ah, it isn't at the moment - I completely forgot about it until I did the search.

.....is....is there a CLUE there somewhere ?

If you have a little patience to get the balance right this kite may cost virtually nothing, is different and modern.

Credit to David Pellham writer of possibly the best kite book in the world.


Take a standard plastic carrier bag, (grocery bag), Remove one side to give a square of plastic.

Fold in half on the diagonal and tape down this crease with masking or parcel tape to strengthen it. (personally I tape the line and then fold and iron the crease with a barely warm iron or you will melt the plastic.

Your kite is made!

Now rig the bridal and the diagram shows a line about as long as the diagonal from the center of the fold, One on each side halfway along the side and the other end taken to the pointed tail.

Attach with videotape.

These lines should be knotted in a loop to fall under the nose of the kite when held at about 45 deg - see diagram.

These lines can be made from sewing cotton as can the flying line although I tend to use mono filament fishing line it's cheap and with a light kite provided a low draw line. Put knots in the end of the string or it will pull through the tape attachment.

fly in very light winds if stronger or the kite is skittish you can add a tail made from strips of the rest of the bag.