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homemade water sensor Answered

instructable the site gave me a lot of information about homemade water sensor but as it is the first time i am making a sensor  to describe it very properly i am giving  the information of what i am trying to make there are two tanks supplyng water to homes the taps of the tanks are connected to a device which is used to switch on and of the taps at the same time, i want to make senor to measure the level of water in tanks as the tanks get filled in different time but are switched on in same time so i want to put the sensor in both the tanks and make a device which can close both of it at the different time, it can help in saving water  



Ah...the term you need is "float valve"

Now you can google it with considerable results/

I'd love to answer you but I just got home from work and I'm way too tired to try to decipher your runon sentence with no capitalization or punctuation.   I do think you spelled most of it right.

Maybe there is someone else handy who feels like working with this today.  Too bad cause I'm really good at electronics.

I gave it my best shot, and as near as I can figure what he actually needs is a couple of toilet tank valves, so no worries about the electronics. ;-p

And to be fair, there are two commas in there, so it's not entirely without punctuation....