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homemade yogurt Answered

hi - i received a yogurt maker and made my first batch , according to the directions. however, it came out "drinkable" - i understand that to make it firmer, i should use powdered milk. i was wondering if you can make yogurt from buttermilk? thanks!


Yes, powdered milk is probably the best way to thicken your yogurt--the more you add, the thicker it will be. I add maybe 1/2 cup powdered milk for every 9 yogurt cups, for 'custard style,' or thicker yogurt. I wouldn't try the buttermilk, though.

I tried making yogurt with buttermilk with the old kind of yogurt machine, the kind that cooked all night...it didn't work. The higher the milk fat content the thicker the yogurt will be. Just drink or cook with the buttermilk.


10 years ago

but how do you know when its bad (spoiled)

Since the milk is inoculated with a culture after pasteurization, the culture tends to outgrow any few possible remaining bad bacteria and the acidic environment of the yogurt retards spoilage. As to storage, if you are making homemade yogurt, you probably are not storing it for any length of time.

When I was kid, I remember my mother was used to make yogurt with whole milk. It was firm (but not like commercial yogurts), because she left the yogurt into machine all the night. Later, I also made a kind of yogurt with whole milk and some drops of orange. It was firm like commercial yogurts, but I don't remember the taste ... I doubt powdered milk is a good idea ... Never tried though. About buttermilk, I don't know.

About the buttermilk, I'd say no, modern buttermilk sold in the store i already a cultured product, basically a thinned down yogurt. Authentic buttermilk is the whey with bits of butter floating in it left over from churning, and I've not seen that in stores since I was a child.