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hoping to be in a polyamorous relationship wondering how much people will judge me for it? Answered

i want to date two men. in a non cheating way both men would know and be ok with it




7 years ago

Well, as long as everyone is cool with it, then go for it.

People in a similar relationship will not judge you, but others probably will.

Why do you ask the internet?
What do your friends think?


everyone's entitled to their own thing so its cool but i guess it depends on where you are exactly from a country standpoint because I know for a fact that the U.S. is cool with it not sure about the U.K. and such

It's 2010. This sort of relationship has been commonplace since before we counted the years.

Personally, I wouldn't call "dating two men" a poly relationship. Unless the guys want to associate with each other as well as with you, I'd call it dating without commitment. Which, these days, nobody will judge you particularly harshly for.

*IF* everyone wants to make a real polyamorous relationship out of it... Reactions depend entirely on who is reacting. Some folks are comfortable with this, some aren't. How many of each you'll run into depends on where you are and whose opinions you care about and how much you publicize your status as poly.

I know people who are in poly households that work. I also know people who are in theoretically poly households that degenerate into one of the parties just plain sleeping around... and in some cases getting angry if anyone else wants to do so. Some people are less OK with it than they expect; some are less OK than they admit.

So if you're more serious about this than your question suggests, I'd strongly recommend finding folks who have first-hand experience of that lifestye -- both themselves and watching others -- who can tell you more about both risks and benefits. I'm a firm believer in "an ye harm none, do as ye will" -- but you should probably treat this with greater caution than a one-on-one relationship, because there are more ways it can break down. In other words, it's likely to be harder, not easier, than just continuing to date them both... but may (or may not) be worth considering anyway. Know what you're getting into.

+12 or so.

A true polyamorous relationship takes a lot of work to maintain effectively (or so my poly friends tell me). Dating more than one person is just "dating", and people have been doing it forever.

Personally, it doesn't make one bit of difference to me who or how many people somebody loves/dates/marries, but there are plenty of others out there who feel the need to get involved in all kinds of things that don't concern them.

i think it should be between those involved in the relationship, other's opinions are welcomed but should not have a large impact
but i personally disagree with this kind


7 years ago

Who cares?
That would be my attitude, if the individuals involved in the relationship are okay with it, then I wouldn't concern myself with what others outside the relationship think.

uhhhhhh.I'm not much in to judging but if they say it's okay.