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hot glue in a dishwasher?? Answered

I am repairing broken locking mechanism in the door of a dishwasher. Of course there will be a bit of force involved when pressing the handle and the dishwasher will heat the water which can melt the glue. What's your opinion? Should i use it??


If the glue will be under tension when the door is latched, and/or it will be in contact with hot water, I'd use something else. Epoxy or JB Weld will be much less prone to failure under those conditions.

The glue softened after few washes and i was back at the beginning. . (ops) Than i just screwed two bolts at the right place and voila. It will hold forever. thx

I wouldn't trust even epoxy glues for long in a hot dishwasher.
Replace it or repair without adhesive.


As others have said, hot glue won't work. The other adhesives suggested would serve as a short-term replacement

However in the long run, the part should be replaced. Otherwise you may find the latch fails and flooding ensues.

Well yes, replacing the part is obviously the best solution.  ;)


8 years ago

Definitely not.  Use something that is up to the task.  Hot glue is great for gluing little fabric flowers onto sun hats, but it's not for repairing dishwashers.  High strength epoxy, JB Weld or some sort of marine-grade adhesive should do the trick.