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hotmail is DOWN!!! Answered

hotmail does not work today. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. i cant check my email or receive robot comment notifications. its amazing how little you appreciat somthing till it breaks. hopefully hotmail will kick back in soon.


You should find a different sign.

and hopefully people read and acknowledge it. then, when working on electronics, they remeber it

If hotmail is down get LIVE In my opinion Microsoft is getting rid of hotmail slowly.... And SOON TO BE GONE GONE I TELL YOU.....in my opinion


10 years ago

who uses hotmail?

i would think thats obvious, seeing as im announcing its down

Ok, one person a minority? :-)

maybe change your point of view.

Who uses, > Why do they want to use a rather crappy email provider? =)

yes, I'm opinionated =P

I do, but that's just because for the Live services with SkyDrive (A Microsoft first, with no Google equivalent!). Hotmail not so much.

Hotmail is down, tens of people mildly inconvenienced. ;-)

Yahoo, ftw.


10 years ago

Its not the end of the world, just check back later tommorow...

Worked for me (I cleaned house, and now only have 4,800 emails to go...

My friend was saying today he couldn't get into his hotmail this morn even at the library to get his resume.

It's on and off - I've just been checking my various addresses (family, spam filter etc) and it died between two.


same here. this morning it worked fine, and now...... when will it come back on??? soon? a hour? a day? a week? a month? a year? what if it never comes back on?