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how Accelerometer work in Electrical car to measure acceleration ? Answered

i am working on electrical car sensor system . i have many sensors in car for different purpose. one of it is accelerometer.

My task is to measure the acceleration of car using accelerometer or gyroscope by Microcontroller .

Please give me some brief idea about it .

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iceng (author)2017-09-01

A good accelerometer will indicate 1g when vertically aligned with gravity and NO actual Movement..

Most accelerators are two or three axis like this


for under $11 from Jameco made to interface to any uP..

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rickharris (author)2017-09-01

You have a few choices. An accelerometer is essentially a damped mass on a spring. You measure how far the spring expands which is proportional to acceleration.

Usually you have a small mass with some way to convert movement to electricity, a coil, a hall effect semiconductor, a piezo device can all be used. They give an electrical output proportional to the acceleration of the mass inside the device.

Buy a suitable device is my advice, 1 it will be reliable, 2 it will be calibrated, 3 you start off with a known quality to work with.


Amazon Uk carry several units at stupidly low prices. I am fairly sure they do so where you are or a similiar supplier will. then all you need to do is follow the advice of the unit data sheet.

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