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how awesome is the word awesome? Answered

ok, I was bored, and this question poped into my head.. if things can be awesome, whaty about the wrod awesome? is it awesome, or is it not?


The word "awesome " represents all the possibilities of awesomeness, therefore it should be held in awe. The word "awesome" is like the tiny seed of a giant redwood tree.

The first one I've met. **Cough**Contrarian**Cough**

well you guested it, freaking awesome !!!

I'd give it a seven on a scale of one to October.

The word awesome used to be awesome, but now it's just okay. The meaning of words naturally shifts like this. Some other words or phrases are no doubt taking the place of its older meaning.

The older use of the word was do describe something that you have to respect and fear because it is so powerful. "Seen from below, the millions tons of thunderously roaring water falling over the cliff was an awesome sight."

Awesome isn't usually so awesome any more, though. "I made a B+ on my test! Awesome!"

In the middle ages, the word used to be "awe-full'; e.g.- to be filled with awe at a sight or when describing a situation, later shortened to awful. Today, awful has the opposite meaning. Now, awesome means relatively good, whereas earlier it was a mediocre awe-full, or to be partially in awe; Not really that much different than before.

Obviously, quite awesome.