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how can I find schematics for used microchips? Answered

I've got a number of old TV's, printers, and computers etc. I've used the diodes, capacitors, transistors, and wires for my attempts to learn and experiment w/ electronics... now I have a good number of PCB boards with chips and timers, and a fair number of other things that I'd love to play around with; How can I learn the schematics for these chips n' things? ... and is there a place that shows me the "code" for reading the color stripes on the resisters?
I'd love any info that people can give me.

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zomfibame (author)2009-12-03
Sandisk1duo (author)2009-11-15

to find the schematics of used chips, just Google the part number

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Re-design (author)2009-11-15

Resistor color code.

For the chips what you are looking for are datasheets.  Google the chip number then "datasheet" after the number and you should be given some options to understand the chip.

Note that lots of chips in equipment are custom designed chips and the datasheets are private.  So those chips won't be very useful.

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lemonie (author)Re-design2009-11-15