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how can I make a cricket chirping sound w/o electronics? Answered

I'm trying to figure out a way to produce a realistic cricket chirping sound, using something mechanical (i.e., not electronic).  So far, I'm not having much luck.  The only examples I've found of what people are calling "cricket noisemakers" are either big carved wooden cricket-shaped toys with a serrated part that you rub a stick against (which doesn't sound remotely like a cricket) or the WWII metal clicker that was called a cricket, but sounds even less like one.

A cork twisting in a tapered wooden hole produces a squeak, but crickets use "stridulation" which, if you slow the sound down, is actually comprised of about 6 individual tones in rapid succession.  That's a complication I'm still trying to wrap my head around.

Any suggestions?

Point of reference: https://youtu.be/CQFEY9RIRJA


hi! how did this end up working out? I'm trying to make a human sized cricket noise maker, and I'm seeing if anyone else has done it! Thanks!

I know someone who can do it with his mouth. I don't know how.

A mechanical phonograph might work.

But neither that nor a phonograph are what I need; I need it to be mechanical and small. Thanks for the suggestions, tho'.

Forum commenting FAIL, Instructables! I had typed a bunch of stuff above the YouTube video insert, but the embedded player removed or covered it all. :-\