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how can I make an airplane to place on my antenna? Answered

I am a pilot and have been trying to find a way to make an airplane that I can add to my antenna that will not blow away.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Hallmark card shops sell a christmas ornament that are small models of airplanes. I did this exact thing with a biplane. They are made of steel and small so they don't catch much air and create drag. I'm sure you can find similar things in a toy store.

Take an airplane rubber eraser/pen topper and it should fit on top of the little nob on the antenna, or you can glue it down with some rubber adhesive. My mom has a pink breast cancer thing on her antenna and it doesn't bend or break. but that's probably because its an American vehicle.

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I reckon he should get a 10-year old with an ASBO to nick a real plane tail-fin and stick that to his car... While he's at it, I'll have the trolley dolly to open up my drinks while I'm driving and generally entertain me...

the turbulence on a scale model will be a bit tough. Maybe carve it from basswood or thick balsa...I don't know that a true replica will fly very well though. you might have to make it a caricature in order to deal with scaling issues. although pinning the model thru the center with the antenna and adding a streamer off the back end will help some to stabilize and keep it oriented in the "right" direction.

As a pilot you will understand the laws of aerodynamics and that things are built just to sepcification; ie things are not built way over and above specs. I cannot imagine any material attached to an aerial would survive the speeds we might do in a car. Either the aeroplane or antenna would be broken/destroyed. I have personally seen broken antenna from helium balloons, flags and other light-weight material. Heavier materials tend to bend the aerial downand cause the item to scrapeand bang against the roof of the car. How about having a tail-fin at the back of your car like one of those 'posh' car-phone thingies upmarket cars have and have it custom painted for your airline/favourite logo? Would that suffice?

Haha At first I thought you meant a real one and was totally confused at this question and didnt figure it out for a good couple minutes. If you had a chunk of styrafoam you could shape that with a dremel or something of that fashion. Once you shape it it would be fairly light and aerodynamic so the wind would not blow it off. Paint it and cut a small hole Put a bit of hot glue in the hole and stick it on the antenna. Then again i dont know how strong that styrafoam would be again 100 mile a hour winds.