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how can I make an oscilloscope with arduino as a processor that uses a tv as an output? Answered

I coould use my computer as an output, but a TV would be better



8 years ago

Thanks everyone, I actually became "un-cheap" and bought myself a 100 dollar oscilloscope off the interwebs

An arduino doesn't have the power to run as an oscilloscope of any quality- nor does it have the power to output virtually anything to a tv...

basically, no.

considering the arduino has got a visciously bad adc already - (granted you could interface with an accurate adc and import the data) - if you get that complex it makes more sense to have a real processor to begin with.

Oh yea, not really arguing, but you could try and get a quart in a pint pot. As an exercise, sticking a decent SPI ADC on it would help immensely, but you wouldn't build a serious scope out of a TV anyway, for obvious reasons

actually, doesn't have to be tooooo accurate, maybe just like 2-3 khz is all I need, and is just for seeing waveforms, doesn't need to be too precise-I want to know I am getting a sine and not a square, but don't care of the frequency.