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how can I manipulate the space time continum to win the lottery? Answered

i just want to win the lottery  :)


Wow, clearly nobody here knows how time travel works!

First you need a large power source (Plutonium or a small fusion device).  Then attach that to a flux capacitor.  After that, put both of these into a vehicle that can go up to 88mph.

Have fun, but try not to create a paradox!

Lasers. The can do everything!

Ahem, I meant *They* , not "The"

Look up Satan in the Yellow Pages, I've heard he can do some good deals on this sort of thing....


Nah,   Mephistopheles is a liar !  He (it?) can't help :-) 

You are(not) talking about a cat in a Lloyd-Webber musical?


He is mentioned in some of the songs from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's CD:  Beethoven's Last Night.

Oh, I have no idea about the musical you are referring too....wait, let me look.....yes, now that I look at it, it is the same "dude" :-) 

Mephistopheles appears most prominently in the legend of Faustus, a man who sells his soul to the Devil. This legend was famously recorded in Christopher Marlowe's play from the 1590s, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, and in the classic 19th century drama Faust (Part 1 and Part 2) by the influential German writer and humanist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

In Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-running musical, Cats, there is a cat named The Magical Mr. Mistoffelees.  

Although, not being familiar with the musical, I am not sure how "accurate" (?) the portrayal is.

Oh yes. There must have been some mispronunciation or something going on im my head...



8 years ago

Check out the work of Ronald Mallett's STL project.  Maybe you can slow down time enough to cheat a lottery system...

Reroute power from the main deflector dish array and fire a matter/antimatter pulse at a wormhole. Just at the nanosecond of impact, beam directly to those coordinates you fired at. Remove your pants and put on a hula skirt while howling at the moon, if there's one nearby. If not, just whistle "For he's a jolly good fellow". Sit down and wait to be contacted with lottery numbers. Bring a snack. Be warned the Borg will notice this; use a rotating shield harmonics frequency so the they can't get a lock on you.

Sounds like you've been watching to many Star Trek: Voyager  episodes LOL   where they just make up science in order to get out of made up problems  

(And as opposed to what, the scientifically accurate TNG? :P

Well, some of them were a little more subtle in their stretching of truths :-)  

Voyager was almost blatant about it

My point?  That it sounds like she has watched to many episodes.....  ;-) 

Make sure the cylons on your vessel dont transmit the shield harmonics using the force to species 8572 or the breen will catch you with your pants down.

I tried that. Cost me more to build the time-warp than I could win from the lottery, and then I had the Time Patrol hassling me until I went back and talked myself out of it. Never again.

Since then, I have won $1 every single day in the lottery -- the $1 that I save by not buying a ticket. Much, much more effective.

Oh, this is such an easy fix, it's not worth posting!

Tell you what, send me $100 by PayPal and I'll PM it to you...

Get a really, really big cylinder, made of solid tungsten or neutronium or something else heavy.  Spin it fast (extremely fast), and run around it.  See Tipler 1974 (PRD 9, 2203-2206) for construction details.

 Your lucky numbers are 5, 8, 18, 34, 48, 65

Please send 10% of your winnings to me.

I'd tell you, but then the Time Cops would have to kill both of us.

If I could manipulate the space time continum I could figure out better things to do than win the lottery.

I only play the lottery when the jackpot is 'above' the odds.

Odds of winning a 6/49 is somewhere around 1:14 million.  A ticket costs 2 bucks...that means it has to pay 28 million to 'break even'.

Its still astronomical odds of winning, but if you played on a long enough time scale, you'd do better to wait for the big jackpots.  Same with progressive slots.  The house still has an edge, but when the payout is more than the cost of playing all the permutations, you win.