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how can a 13 year old kid make money in arizona? Answered

im 13 and i want to make money 


Hi, my name is Chris..

i am starting up a landscaping business and would like to teach a couple of teens how to use the equipment... so if you are sure you don't mind working in the hot sun, then i will work with you and train you! and pay you well...

it doesn't matter if you are male or female... long as you are a hustler and have a friendly personality

you can email me if you like... please don't be shy or nervous, you won't get very far being like that!

Hope to hear from you! =)


go to fashion square mall and "fall " in the water fall thing theres tons of money there at the food court one....=)

I've made a little extra money selling homemade juggling balls at my school.
I sold them for a dollar a piece and they only cost about a few cents to make.
If you can do something like that, you'll be set.

As A.R. said ,  Find somethin' you like to do that you can get others interested in ( crafts ,  gardening ect...) and peddle your work for what you can get !

As you get better at it ,  Charge more ! 

As the demand for your services grow ,  so can your prices !

A good friend of mine used to give away th' knives he made ,  till people started to seek him out to get one of his creations and then he started charging for them !

His custom made knives will now cost you as much as $400 and you will have to wait up to 6 months for him to finish it !

Find something you can do that people need done and are willing to pay for. Do it, for a fee.

It's that simple, and that difficult.

Here, I'd say "shovel sidewalks" at this time of year. I suspect you don't get as much snow as we do.

lol.  It's so simple, frustrating, and true all at the same time.

There's all the typical stuff like sweeping driveways, babysitting, mowing lawns, etc.  Go around your neighborhood and offer a weekly service of some sort like $5 for a weekly driveway/sidewalk sweep.

There are also crafts and such through Etsy, but you'll need your parents/guardians to help you with that.

If you're artistic, you can peddle some art on the street or zines for $1 a pop.

If you're into gardening, which I would highly encourage as a gardener under 30 y/o, you can learn how to propagate plants and sell them.

A lot of it is going to depend on what you're interested in, what your resources are, and what you're capable of doing with what you know/have.  Stick to something that you can actually do.  You'll learn as you go along.

good idea... i cant select you as "best answer" because you replied to orksecurity 

Robert Anson Heinlien wrote a story "We Also Walk Dogs". Carry a pooper scooper.

Do you know anything about rocks and minerals?

Can you braid Landyards? Say for an MP3 player with headphones cords braided into the cords?

How about offering Heirloom Tomato Plants that you have grown from seeds bought on E-Bay?

I lived in az if you live to px maos go landscping