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how can i build a microphone preamplifier?! Answered

emmm, hi . I need to make a low noise/simple microphone preamp for both electret and dynamic .it would be perfect  if it could be powered with something other than battery , like an adaptor or 1394 port form my computer , mic in jack or anything else. I have an external sound card with +48v phantom power switch (ECHO, Audiofire4). can anybody help me in making any of them (electret and dynamic)? and ... ics that i have now , are a little old.
thanks alot... 

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whooms (author)lemonie2010-07-20

wow !!! thank you sooooo much !!! this kit is using a LM833 ic , and it's the one that i don't have . but the site you linked ... is full of projects ! and it's so cool ! if there is somewhere that i can find schematic diagrams , it can be so useful. thank you again :) and sorry that i reply a little late (9 days).

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lemonie (author)whooms2010-07-20

Oh good. (you can click the blue button that says "best answer" if you like)


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