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how can i build a notification sound on my son's toy car, while it hittingsome where(with Jerking IC) Answered

hi, well, i would like to make a special kind of horn, for just making a notification while jerking the toy car of my son. now a days, he is hitting his toy car while driving his from Indore. so, i though that, if i am assembling a toy horn, with a jerking IC or a motion IC, it will be nice to him. but, i am not aware of, what and what needed for to make this. what i need to make is, if i am attaching this,under the toy car of my son, and while riding, if he hits some where, the body of the car will get a little shake, this point, the device should work as a notification horn. i am sure that, this will make more fun for him. be kind to guide waiting to get yours aithfully shinu

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el_roboto_loco (author)2008-07-30

There's several ways to build something like this, but my standard way of doing things is to use a micro-controller such as a PIC or Atmel, etc., although a 555 timer can do the job.

For the horn, use can use a horn or buzzer from Radio Shack, or use a sound module to record any sounds you want, like ouch!!! You could use a 5v reed relay from Radio Shack to enable power to the sound device. http://www.electronics123.com/s.nl/it.A/id.499/.f?sc=14&category=2

The best thing for the vibration sensor would be a piezo element or a microphone. You could also use an electro-mechanical pendulum device such as used in a pedometer. Most of those kids shoes that light up when they walk use a pendulum device as opposed to a piezo. BTW, those shoes run on batteries!!!

There are some instructables for motion sensing devices.

A hi-tech overkill vibration detection device would be a MEMS device.

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el roboto loco, thanking you for your interest to send post a reply for my query. well, i have looked those instructions, frm the link which u have provided. good, great. and i have got my own idea. when i was posting this query, my mind was really blank on this. but now, myself have got a lot of ways. and just one more question htat, could u share few more links of, how can i make a notification/music device frm home??? thanking you very much and waiting to get replied. be keep this attitude. yours lovingly

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Here's an instructable I did which uses the sound module I mentioned, as well as a free sound editor to create any sound clip you want.

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