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how can i clean my car engine with household items? water yes/no? Answered

i want to make my car engine look a bit nicer, but i have no clue on where to start... i have read that you can use water at high pressure, but it doesn't seem too safe to me...



9 years ago

Go to the carwash and hose it down with soap and high pressure rinse, avoiding the distributor. If the car won't start, or runs rough, remove the distributor cap, dry everything you can get at with a rag, and then wait half an hour or so and put the cap back on. Drive away.

. High-pressure is OK as long as you don't get carried away and start knocking tubing and wires loose. Leave the engine running and if it starts to stumble, stay away from that spot. Use water as hot as you can get it. . Soap will help get the oil and grease off, but leaves a baked-on film on hot parts.