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how can i clean my dogs collar to remove the stagnant water smell? Answered

my dogs collar always stinks as it is not leather and the fabric it is absorbs all the horrible water.


I've tried many different cleaners and techniques and my dog collar still had a foul odor.
FINALLY I came up with a solution that worked and my dogs nylon collar is now odor-free.
Wet the collar with warm water, lather up a bar of FELS-NAPTHA heavy duty laundry bar soap. (It can be found on the laundry soap aisle of major grocery stores or online.) Pull the collar across bar of soap on both sides of collar to get soap onto collar. Work up a lather using your hands. The longer it soaks the better it cleans. You can also soak it in a bowl full of soapy water too.
Now scrub both sides of collar using a stiff scrub brush. I scrubbed in one direction and could see brown dirty foam coming off the collar. Repeat process until soap suds remain clean. Rinse with warm water and dry.

Bonus tip: Fels-Naptha will also remove grass stains and those dirty paw prints from your white pants.

Don't use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on it. They may attack the material that it is made of and it may separate at a very bad time.

Pet stores have odor removers or you could just hand wash it with pet shampoo and rinse well.

Most pet collars are made of nylon which is not bothered by bleach. Cotton yes, nylon and/or polyester, no,.

Absolutely correct.


Cotton and leather can be damaged.

The OP didn't say what the material was.


Most of this stuff is coming from China and it is often sewed with cheap cotton thread.

Put it through the washing machine.


7 years ago

After you treat it with bleach like the others mention run it through the laundry with some of of your other dirty clothes.

Soak it in hydrogen peroxide for about one hour they just wash it with soap and water and your good to go.

Two thoughts.

1) Soak in a sanitizing solution of bleach. See the bleach label for a description of appropriate concentration. You should probably do a water rinse before putting it back on the dog.

2) Soak in a solution of organic-odor-cancelling enzymes. I've plugged these for a number of uses, but actually pet odors are what they are primarily marketed for. A good pet store will have this stuff -- it's nontoxic and effective.

In this case I'd actually favor (1)

The other choice, of course, would be to get the pooch a new collar.