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how can i connect a dvd rom via usb? Answered

my compiuter syestem broke and i have a new laptop but the dvd rom is nor rw   so i want to connect my dvd rom from the syestem to the laptop by via usb. plx help



This external USB drive is cheep and reliable http://bit.ly/lranol


7 years ago

use an enclosure. normally it will be a 5.25 ide or sata to usb. they are very cheap, you can get em on ebay for less than $15

It's possible to get just the electronics and cable, without the enclosure -- but you'll probably only save a few bucks. So I'd agree, go for an off-the-shelf enclosure which includes everything, including the power supply. Most stores which sell PC components have these, or they're widely available on-line.

On the other hand, considering that I just got a 1.5TB USB-attached hard drive for about $70... you may want to think about whether you really need a DVD burner.