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how can i detect if my laptop has a keylogger and what can i do to stop it? Answered

i have been warned by my brother that my laptop might have a keylogger because my husband gave it as a gift to me, now my husband and i are divorcing and lately, he printed some of my emails. how can i detect if there is a keylogger and what must i do?


hi guys there are many keylogger detectors on the network, just search "keylogger detector" in google, you will get tons of tools help to do so.

RD has a good suggestion, but my guess is that he may have just guessed (or otherwise acquired through something like an unclosed browser) your email password. With that password, he could get pretty much any other password you have. In addition to a hardware check and data wipe, you should change all your passwords starting with your email. Here's a quick google find on how to pick a good one.

Some virus checkers or spyware checker will find a keylogger. Best thing to do would be to wipe the disk and reinstall the os then all your software.