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how can i dye dark blond hair black without that rinses out without staining? Answered

i am a dark blond (so sorta hazelnut) and i want to dye it black, but as i want to go the "goth" look and i'll eventually grow out of it i don't want it to stain or be permanent, is there anything i can do? most dyes say my hair can't be dyed black, so i turned to the wonderful world of instructables!!! can anyone help? is there a brand i can buy over the internet? plz help!!


There are tinted mouses that you can use to color your hair. They wash out with a good shampoo. I would NOT recommend a "temporary dye"... they are sometimes 'not so temporary'.

wow, thanks everyone
tinted mouses? ok, i'll have a look for them

highlighter pens? as in the school stationary or a hair product? (i know next to nothing about hair and make-up)

yea it is kinda sad rickharris, but then again, thats this generation for you!

also, thanks for the link rickharris but my school has strict internet restraints and its blocked it! lol....

You're welcome. I'm not sure about the other methods... but I would use the mouse. It's easy enough to use and you're not stuck with permanent color should you decide you don't like it. Check around at your local stores that sell hair care products and ask if they carry any temporary tinted mouse. If they don't, you can always purchase online from the link I provided.

(oh and don't forget to mark the question as answered, when you have the info you need). :D

I rather like this approach to thinning hair.

I wonder what it really looks like and how long the effect lasts.

2 options I guess, (This from someone who has so little hair it hardly matters!)

1. Grab suitable dye and give it a go - leave on a little longer to try for a deeper colour

2. bleach hair a lighter colour so the dye can take.

As an aside personally I thing the "GOTH" look is both dated and a little sad. :-(