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how can i get my boyfriend to propose? i want my ring!? Answered


I just proposed...10 months ago. we had been together for a year before that, and known each other as good friends for a good 6 years before that. I wanted to give her a ring ;) be a great couple, make sure its the right thing, then bug him.

. Good Lord, woman!1 This is 2009. If you want to marry him, then you propose.

1 or "man," if you're gay.

Maybe you should make it sound like you're more excited to be enguaged to him opposed to making it sound like all you want is a ring.? Maybe he would go for it more than?

Have you talked to him about it? Some guys don't prescribe to the whole 'marriage thing'. This is something that should be discussed along with kids, financial responsibilities, and who get's to hang onto the remote. Assuming that you are both on the same page on the issue then you'll need to give him a poke in the right direction, guys are a bit thick in the head sometimes and need a good obvious clue to know what the next step to take is. Seriously, there needs to be a man-guidebook or something