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how can i get the cursor position using cmd? Answered

how can i get the cursor position using cmd?


In the old days, you were *sometimes* able to do this in a text window via ANSI escape-code sequences (the same kinds of sequences used to change text color and move the cursor). Not always. And, as I say, it works only on a text screen if it works at all.

I suspect you're trying to do something that's beyond the capabilities of the .cmd language. Might be time to learn how to program.

I was thinking cursor as in arrow (the one commonly mistaken as mouse by non-computer people)

Not unless you write or find a program which can be invoked from the batch file and which will leave the answer somewhere that the batch file can retrieve it from... at which point you might as well switch to a language which can talk to the GUI system directly.

What are you asking about? The question is really vague.


I don't know. But I've done it with AutoHotKey before. Very useful program.