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how can i give chocolate covered strawberries without making chocolate sweat? Answered

I want to give them as gifts for the holidays, they will be hand delivered, if I make it the night before giving them, how can i prevent the chocolate covered fruit from sweating or melting during the day.


Make sure the strawberries aren't over ripe. (They should be a few days from being ripe and therefor a little firmer.) Don't refrigerate them. - Strawberries are born outside - they don't need a visit to the fridge.

When you're ready to make them, give them a good wash and dry them thoroughly with paper towel. (Even a little water can seize chocolate). Then melt your chocolate according to your recipe. Dip your berries, then transfer to wax paper to set.

They should be fine left out overnight provided your home isn't too warm. If the outside temperature is cool (it is winter), you could simply leave the tray of berries in your garage (if it's unheated). Ideally they should be eaten within 24 hours.

If you insist on putting them in the fridge, then get a packet of silica gel and add the packet to your container(s) which hold your chocolate covered berries. The silica gel will help control the condensation. Leave the packet inside after removing from the fridge (just discard prior to delivery).

Also remember that silica gel is a non-edible. So don't place it directly on foods.

Good Luck.

I'm doing a fundraiser for my school and I came across your post which I found your intellectual useful, so may I ask you some questions?

1) Do I just lay a small bag of silica gel in a container of chocolate covered strawberries?

2) I would might use the same small bag of silica gel I get from my purse. How many should I use with a dozen of strawberries?

3) I heard some people use aluminum foil to cover the strawberries. Won't that makes it warmer?

Thank you!

You should use about 1 gram of silica gel for every 100 cubic inches of the container size. Obviously using more packets will not cause any harm. Just leave the silica gel in the packets as is. Don't put them in direct contact with the berries, just put them inside the container. The silica gel pac you got with your purse is also okay to use (its still silica gel). :-)

Where do you live?
I wouldn't think that one day would make a difference.
*Dip them in really cool chocolate, just before it starts to set.


I guess your biggest problem is going to be the strawberry decomposing unless you keep them refrigerated.

We always keep Chocolate in the fridge anyway as I like it crisp and cold.