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how can i link a cctv cam to a digital camera ? Answered

i have a mini cctv cam with DIY connectors and a cheap old digital camera (which cant focus b.t.w) what i want to be able todo is get the image from the cctv camera on the screen of the digital camera, being able to record the image is not a concern, i also have absolutely no experience with wiring circuits and ive tried and failed (many times) to read / understand circuit diagrams if you can help it would be appreciated


Hook the CCTV camera to a monitor. Point the digital camera at the monitor, preferably with a black hood to minimize effects of other light sources or reflections. Make sure you're using a long exposure, to minimize partial-retrace effects. Obviously, make sure flash is turned off.

Yeah, you can't do it. You may want to get a composite monitor, though.

This super-cheap DVD player doubles as one. You may need an adapter to get from BNC to RCA.