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how can i make a desktop smaller and portable? Answered



Best Answer 9 years ago

Use a saw?
Or are you talking about a desktop computer?
You wouldn't have a lot of options without buying / finding new parts - what have you got that's too big?


its a windows 98 but i want to make it portable but it would probably be easier to buy a new one right.

You might be right there, I think that the mainboard in it's self is going to be an obstacle. If you have money look at micro- pico- nano- 'TX boards. L

in most computers isnt it usually that the casing is a little bigger than the room needed? Also what could i use for a power supply?

For a different case search the internet for "case mod", you should find some relevant ideas.
You need a stable regulated supply, but if you think "small" a lap-top type battery might be your best option - this would make things more complicated.


Thats what i thought but would the lap-top battery have enough power to power a large computer?

Small computer remember...
You probably could find a smaller screen, but if you don't want to buy a smaller computer - see what you could get hold of in the way of parts and post these as a suggestion here?


could an LCD screen work on such an old computer?

Yeah, it's the signal that matters not what it feeds to. I think most displays will handle a simple VGA - (this old machine can do a 256 colour display can't it?)


right now my screen has 800x600 true colorscreen in parentheses it says(32bit)

do you think i could get a smaller screen that is LCD because the screen i have now is the other type that i forgot the name of

Get a smaller case...

What?????? its a computer what do you mean case. do you mean the casing?