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how can i make a necklace out of seashells I've collected? Answered



I make necklaces and windchimes from shells and have found the best way to use my Dremel with a small bit.

Catl8dy - do you know which sized bit(s) you use? I got my first Dremel this past summer and LOVE it... I'm looking to drill holes not only in seashells, but also glass, gems/stones and coins - any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
Thanks in advance for any help you or others can provide :)

A drill will be the easiest method, however shells are brittle and may break if too much force is applied. Start with the smallest drill bit you have and slowly work your way to a larger bit as needed.

Alternatively I know rotary hand tools have various attachments which may work, I am thinking of the narrow cylindrical sander. This tool may gently ease a hole into your shells without damaging them.
(similar to the one on the left of this picture.)

What kind of shells? The simplest way is to drill a small hole in the shell and thread a cord through it.