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how can i make a pendant light that would give me a hellofa lot of light in my 14 foot ceiling art studio? Answered

how can i make a light to give off a lotta lite in my 14 ' tall art studio? of what can i use?


If you must use one light source, make sure the walls are very bright white. If sharp shadows are a problem, a sandpapered sheet of acrylic or plexiglass could serve as a diffuser. But yes, many lights would provide more even illumination. For a cheap solution, perhaps you could find a fluorescent fixture at a yard sale or on Craig's List, disassemble it, add longer wires, and stretch the lamps out over a broader area. If your budget is a bit larger, why not add a lower ceiling and install good lighting at the same time?

a pendant light would give very hard shadows. I'd recommend using something that bounces light off walls and the ceiling for even lighting. LOTS of light - fluorescents or halogens come to mind. Some basic wiring skills are necessary - you need to hook up the mains voltage to a ballast (essentially a converter), then wire the ballast to the light sockets. Fluorescents come in warm, cool, or daylight 'colour' - an important choice for an artist. Even easier is using lots of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs - CFLs. They're pretty inexpensive to buy these days, and 'good' on electricity - just make sure to recycle them when you're done.