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how can i make a picaxe 20x2 8x8 led dot matrix? Answered

i want to make an 8x8 led matrix with the new picaxe 20x2 and i want to know if anyone has done this before with a similar picaxe chip!!!



8 years ago

Alright, first off: do you have any expreience with either PICAXE or dot matrix displays?

This is definitely possible with a 28x2, there are plenty of I/O lines, but with an extra IC or 2 you could cut costs and use a 28x1 or (possibly - this is where my knowledge runs out) a 18x.

I'm currently working on a 7x5 matrix run by a PICAXE 18x and so far it works perfectly, but thats about the limit of the design I'm using. I believe that adding a shift register can simplify the project a great deal, but i can't say i've got any expreience with them...

I have a shift register design that works with an 8x8 on this page:



Just go to this instructable: