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how can i make a realistic green leather jacket thats size 12 trying to make a green leather jacket? Answered

im trying to make a green leather jacket but they are realy expensive and they are girl style im a boy im size 10 or 12 all the stores i know of can be goodwill but they don't really have kids leather jackets and i dont want the punk ones either im trying to make a ben 10 alien force costume with it and there is also a craft store where i live i have a budget of 5 to $10.00 any tips?


 oooh 5 to 10 bucks won't get you that far!! :(
I have some questions for you... 
I ma assuming you don't even have a base jacket to start with...
 what is this costume for??? Just for you, just for fun??? If so forget the leather. Just do it regular fabric.
then go to goodwill, salvation army and find a base jacket that will work for you. If it's not the color you want you can dye it. Just find out what type of fabric it is and follow the instructions carefully.
don't forget that from this budget of 5 to 1@ dollars you still need pieces of fabric (whithe and black) for the details. 
if you can match the color right, and make pretty nice details ( the number and the white stripes) no one will care that the jacket is not leather.
you can also take a look at marshalls or tj maxx. Usually their stuff are cheaper than in other stores butbut it still be way above ur budget!
good luck!!!

Liquid latex and cover a jacket with it. That would be a possible solution considering that it is cheap and you could add paint to make it look green. Hope this helps. -SM

5-10 dollars would be a stretch - you'd have a hard time finding a leather glove for that :( Leather can be bleached and dyed...you'd need to search how to do that. As for material cost - pleather might be a cheaper option.

Pleather costs as much as leather-at least it did last time I checked. $5-10 isn't going to get much, patterns run about $5 (unless they are on sale) and regular fabric stores charge $2-8 per yard of fabric (you'll probably need 2-3 yards). If you look threw the fabric store, you'll find two or three fabrics that kind-of look like suede and possibly some vinyl that looks like leather-but it's going to be expensive and you might have to ask about green (and special orders are going to be even more expensive if they have to order a whole bolt rather than transfer some from another store).

This is going to be a stretch... What about taking the fake leather from old car seats?

Or an old couch. Could try re-cutting a large jacket or coat from goodwill. Or faking it with a windbreaker and some very careful (textured? sponge or rag?) painting.