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how can i make a solar cell my self ? Answered


Saw the top of an old high power (they are larger, so easier not to ruin completely) , you know, the one in a metal tin. It works as a solar cell...


Careful splitting power transistor, some were insulated with beryllia, which is very toxic.

Do you mean 'toxic', or 'shouldn't be eaten in tablespoons'? Some people call KMnO4 toxic, while it's absolutely all right , unless you eat more that 2 grams (lethal dose), that's why they stopped selling it in Chemists here...

Oh, I think I've just posted a picture of a top-secret Soviet transistor. Oh no!

You won't be able to make the kinds you can easily buy, such as those in a calculator, but you can build something less convenient.

You can't, unless you want to make the most trivial example.