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how can i make an led matrix on stripboard? Answered

how can i make an led matrix on stripboard, i do not have acess to pcb manufacturing so i want to make an led matrix on stripboard!!! does any one know how to do this easily? please answer!!! thanks!!!!



Best Answer 9 years ago

Easy - solder in all the leds, then attach all the anodes in rows and cathodes in columns - or vice versa if you prefer. Then its just a matter of driving it with your favourite uc. Yay perfboard!

have it so that your strip board tracks are running vertically. Then cut the tracks inbetween where the LED cathodes will connect to (but leave the anodes intact) Then solder it all in. You will have the anodes connected vertically at this point but the Cathodes will be soldered in but not connected to anything else.

Cut the ANODE legs and then bend the CATHODE legs horizontally so that they touch the next CATHODE leg next to it untill you get to the end.

Now all of the cathodes are connected horizontally and you have an LED matrix = )

yes, i had tried that with an 8x8 matrix but some of them shorted out, do you know a way that i can stop this happening? thanks!!!

Be more careful in the soldering? Solder all anodes, then cover them with something like thin strips of vinyl electrical tape, then solder the cathodes.