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how can i make bath soap from recycled material? Answered



Well, what sort of recycled materials do you want to use? If you mean scraps of old soap, then you can use a sock or the foot of a stocking, and stuff all the bits in, and poof...instant bath scrubby. If you mean scraps of kryptonite left over from trying to take over the world, well, I'll need a little more time to come up with a way to create saponification...but I bet between all the 'structable geniuses, we can come up with something.

There are lots of soap-related projects here, including making soap from old soap and soap from raw materials (including bacon!).


9 years ago

You can use those small leftover slivers of soap, here.

you could possible make soap out of animal fat... or you could do it my way, collect some cans, recycle them, get money, buy some soap!