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how can i make copper carbonate? Answered

hello , am trying to get a hold of some copper carbonate but its much too expensive.
now i have some raw, and untarnished (beyond normal anyways) copper laying around and want to know if theres any way i can convert this into pure copper carbonate, with minimal impurities such as copper oxides and such.
is there a way to do this through electrolysis perhaps?
also, is there a way to convert copper and copper oxide to copper hydroxide which i can simply add carbonic acid to to copper carbonate?

also whoever answers my question will get a best anser form me , guaranteed

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Jack A LopezBest Answer (author)2011-01-04

You could mix an aqueous solution of copper(2) sulfate with an aqueous solution of sodium carbonate. Copper(2) carbonate is insoluble in water, and it should emerge as a precipitate. I got the idea from the Wikipedia page on copper(2) carbonate, here:

I know you said you have copper metal rather than soluble copper(2) sulfate, but I saw an Instructable in the related panel ---->
for making CuSO4.  Here:

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THE0DEN (author)2016-07-05

I made copper carbonate by accident the other day as I was preforming electrolysis. In a water-filled container ( not unlike a Hoffman apparatus ), I had copper wire wrapped around two carbon rods which I used for electrodes. After sending electric current through the water for some time, the copper wire started to rust and the carbon rods began to flake. Soon enough, I had a millimeter thick layer of bright blue copper carbonate sitting at the bottom of a container.

To make copper carbonate (CuCO3), you can use the formula CuO3 + C = CuCO3. Try soaking some charcoal and copper rust in water.

What do you need copper carbonate for?

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DaniyalA1 (author)THE0DEN2016-09-12

That exact same thing happened with me. I was trying to make hydrogen from electrolysis what ended up making copper carbonate instead.

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NachoMahma (author)2011-01-04

. Google your title. Ask specific questions if you run into problems.

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ive been trying that for days, cant you please tell me?

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