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how can i make my hair grow faster? Answered

i recently cut it and now i regret it, i want to get it to grow long fast!!!!!!!!



Once a day, give each individual hair a few gentle tugs.

It works, but only if you do each hair separately, don't miss any, and avoid all mirrors for a week.

You can't speed up the growing process, but you can take better care of what you have which avoids having to trim away damaged ends. Having had long hair most of my life, I know what it felt like the first time I cut it short. I also hated it... at first, but I got use to it and found a lot more styling options that I didn't have before; so instead of fighting with it, or wearing a hat for the next couple years, change up your hair products, get some accessories and maybe even a new color!


5 years ago

I don't know if eating well just makes it stronger so it doesn't break off or if it actually speeds up growth. Either way, your hair will be happiest with a healthy diet. Make sure you're getting everything you need and enough protein. I eat a lot of non-fat dairy stuff and my hair and nails seem to grow like crazy. Too bad it doesn't also make more strands of hair.

Not much you can do about that.