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how can i make my locker play music when i open it?!? Answered

please help. it would be amazing!


(mumbles) reedswitch

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Position a Usually ON sub mini switch (so its off when depressed) so when your locker door closes that goes down and Add to ur mp3 player Play buttonwith one of the many ipod speakers around this site

An mp3 player won't work since they have to boot up when turned on and if paused will turn off after a min. or so.

Classic old-school cassette players would work great for this. No boot-up sequence, no pause mode, no power-saver shutdown. Just put a Normally Closed switch of some kind (Reed, lever, pushbutton, whatever) between the battery pack and the rest of the device, and then rig it so the locker door presses the switch to break the circuit, like stephenniall said. Press Play and close the locker door.

either way you're getting best answer. you're the only person who explained it in terms i understood haha.

Thanks very much. I used to have a job translating tech-speak to English. Good to know that it still works.

I've seen greeting cards for sale that let you record your own message, and then play it back when the card is opened. If you can find one, all you'll need to do is mount one side of the card to your locker door and the other side to the inside of the locker. You might have to modify the switch a little so it doesn't get broken if you open the locker too far.

You could use a digital recorder or a plain old tape recorder that will play when first turned on without having to go thru the boot sequence.


8 years ago

Use this instructable and edit it to your needs. Basically all you would have to do is do this exact instructable and then glue one page to the inside of the locker and one to the inside of the door.


8 years ago

 radioshack has a circuit that will do the audio stuff. cut the switch included off and replace with a magnetic reed switch or a lever switch.