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how can i make my rockband drums quieter for free or cheaply? Answered


Take some thick fabric, or multiple layers of cloth, and sew them together in a circle, place over the drums, or learn to crochet

rub a thin layer of mayonnaise on the drums

Haha, this deserves to be chosen as best answer.

mayo is too much, a very thin layer of corn or olive oil would do.

Self-Adhesive Foamies


9 years ago

Just put clothes (like T-shirts) inside the drums, that dampens the sound enough.

I read where some folks used cardboard egg cartons as insulation around the room and they worked very well. They are free and not to difficult to set up.

When I was in a band, my drummer was playing in his garage, and sometimes to keep the noise down he would use the whisk like jazz drum sticks ( the ones you rasp against the drum for that scratching jazzy sound. Also there's something about putting blankets inside the bass drum which I'm not sure if its easy to do (am a guitarist and so don't delve too much into the drum department, it supposedly muffles it). Best bet would be to get one of those drum kits that go through an amp / headphones, except for the pounding your foot'll be doing there shouldn't be much noise

The cheapest way: Old socks, stretch a sock (or 3) over the head of the drum, secure it with an elastic band around the base. Works like a charm.


9 years ago

If you have an old towel or shirt, cut a few layers out to the shape of the drum, and keep duct-taping layers on until the drum is quiet enough.

i used a mouse pad cut into 4 pieces and used some double stick tape

Do the simple foam and felt method. Go to your local hobby store and but some sticky foam and felt. Measure the circles out and then cut them (can be tricky to do with scissors depending on the thickness). I have done this it it works great but after getting my drum set I bang them so hard it doesn't make a difference lol. Ohh and make sure you put the foam on bottom and the felt on tabe, hope this helped and if you have any trouble feel free to ask.

You can buy a padding for the top to keep them quieter it shouldn't be to hard to find especially since it was made for rockband