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how can i make step by step, a homemade air compressor? Answered

i would like steb by step informations because i haven t done it again and i am not a pro


A simple air pump can be made with a rod, cylinder, and an oiled disc of leather as a diaphram. Cut the disc to the width of your pipe. Drill a hole in the center of two pipe caps, and affix your out-tube to one of them. Screw or clamp your leather disc onto the end of the rod. Slide the rod through the other cap hole and screw the caps on. Attach a handle to the outer end of the rod.

This will get you enough air to pump up a cruiser bike tire or soccer ball but not much more.

i have a compresser that was very easy to fix up my refrigerator stopped working on me,after replacing it (with a nice shiny stainless steel one) i removed the motor from the old one cut the coolant lines leaveing as much attached to the motor as possible then what you have is a small compresser with two lines coming off of it when you plug the compresser in one line will suck and the other will blow fasten a rubber hose from a bike pump and there you go on mine i included a inline pressure gage to show me the actuall pressure being put into my tank,tire,etc. it is anly a little slow but it provides enough pressure to put 80 lbs of pressure into a tractor tire with out even slowing down i have not used it for anything higher than this yet hope this is of some help

If you are not skilled as a machinist, making an air compressor will be very difficult.