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how can i manage a disco ball with 150 leds using zilog?.. i dont have any idea... pls help me... Answered

how can i manage a disco ball with 150 leds using zilog?.. i dont have any idea... pls help me...
what programming language will i use? do i need to put some gates for the light sequencing?... help me pls...this is a school project...



I'm sorry I can't help with specifics, you'll have to look up the data sheets for each part to understand how they should work together.


I know max makes an led driver chip -- but if its just simple stuff, then the hc595 shift register is for you.

Mmm, very widely used, but not necessarily the easiest to program. Does it have an interpreter / compiler or does he want you to crunch Z80 machine-code (I'd like to think not)


he actually want us to focus on using microcontroller... he sugested to reuse our zilog kit. we had use this zilog last semester, we had light up maximum of -5 leds...

I would recommend reading up on the numerous led matrix articles here on instructables. You can use virtually any microprocessor, in conjunction with (commonly) shift registers to get enough input/output control. 2 shift registers and a decade counter could control 160 leds. ((8 + 8) * 10). I recommend Arduino (www.arduino.cc) to anyone wanting to learn how to use a microprocessor.

Yes, but only multiplexed - she isn't going to get very bright results with 150 Leds like that.

Driving 16 at a time at 1/10 duty cycle isnt bad. At that duty cycle you can rather significantly overdrive LEDS without damaging them. I think you could get some decent results from ultra-brights. Not 100% ideal its true. Another option (I'm building) is driving each led on its own output of a shift register, so duty cycle is 99.5+% (only off during updates). That would take 20 of those cascaded, but you can shift about 1000 bits per second easily as an arduino interrupt function so you can still maintain 1000/160 = several frames per second.

Use one of the allegro chips that does it all for you, and have 10 of 'em, and you have a solution.


I got a sample of some led driver chips from ...someone...supposed to be 3-10 dollars each, they gave me 4, I should really make something out of them.

STP16CP05M SO24 16 BIT LED DRIVER is a 16 output LED driver chip. They can be connected together to give more outputs and are easily addressed with your choice of microprocessor.

Even better if your microprocessor can support SIP or IC2 communications.

If you don't know what these are you need to do some serious research.


Frollard is right, but I'm interested in "Zilog" - have you got a Z80 or something?