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how can i power a wireless optical mouse from usb so that there are no batteries? Answered

I want to power my wireless optical mouse from the usb of my pc with a wire just for the power not the data , the usb has 5v and the mouse needs around 3 can i do it with just voltage regulator with resistances or i will need more parts


I was just thinking of doing this same exact thing, only my mouse uses a single AA battery so it would need a 1.5v regulator, but I'm not sure about anything else beyond that.
And, yes, it would be easier just to use a wired mouse or rechargeable batteries. However, this is Instructables, so what would be the fun in taking the easy way out. DIY or Die!! :P

.  You should be able to do that with a 3V regulator, but wouldn't it be just as easy to use a wired USB mouse?

yeah but i have this mouse and i was just thinking how to stop using batteries cause i am just using it at home , just to mess with it i know that i can just take a mouse with usb :P

Wouldn't it be easier to just use a wired mouse? Or rechargeable batteries?