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how can i program my digital cable box to change channels at a certain time? Answered

Comcast is changing to all-digital and is requiring that its customers use a digital converter box in order to receive the new digital channels.  The set top boxes take a stream of digital channels in and by changing the channel on the set top box, a single channel is converted to analog and forwarded on to my VCR (and TV).  I have to keep both my VCR and TV tuned physically to channel 3 in order to record or watch the single channel coming out of the set top box.  If I want to program my VCR to start recording, say, at 11:30 PM on CBS, I have to remember to change the channel on the set top box to CBS before hand.  This also means that I can no longer tape, say, the program at 11:30 on CBS followed by a program on NBC at 12:30; there is no one to change the set top box's channel to NBC.

A lot of people have this issue now that all of the channels in Comcast's signal are going to digital and the set top box is added to the equation.  Just wondered if anyone out there has found an easy way to address this problem, i.e. not being able to "program" the channel changing of the set top box itself.



8 years ago

Some boxes have a "VCR" feature that lets you schedule an automatic channel change.  Find out which model you're getting and whether it has this capability.

While I would agree with Nacho', TV isn't really that important. If the thing is never going to be repeated you can live without seeing it.


.  Comcast may offer a unit with the features you want - call 'em and ask.
.  You may be able to buy a digital-to-analog converter box from a 3rd-party. If you can't find the specs or a list of compatible units on Comcast's web site then call 'em and ask.