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how can i rewire a "Stowaway Portable Keyboard" to a usb from a kyocera smartphone? Answered

I have a Kyocera Smartphone Portable Stowaway Keyboard, that I want to rewire for use as a usb keyboard.
Anybody familiar with these? There are five wires coming off the adapters electronic board to the phone connector. Is there anyway to rewire these to a usb cable to work as a regular keyboard?

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IvanT53 (author)2016-04-26

TL;DR: Possible but will still require some work.

Yes its possible :

- https://hackaday.com/2015/04/04/repurposing-a-palm..

Hack-a-day post.

- http://www.cy384.com/projects/palm-keyboard.html

Author's blog.
- https://github.com/cy384/ppk_usb

Github repo.

But currently, this project works for the serial interfaces used by Palm III and Palm 50x.
Your Kyocera phone's serial port uses a different wiring, so you'd need to adapt the arduino code.

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jbaker22 (author)2012-02-01

Try looking for an app to connect the keyboard bluetooth to the phone.

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