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how can i set speeds with a potentiometer? Answered

Hi there, Im busy building a metronome to fit a machine im altering, (the board was totally fried and rusted through)  which also has a 6volt motor that spins in the front. I managed to find a potentiometer to control the speed of the motor and the metronome, but need to have set speeds on both of them. Is there anything that i can adapt to the potentiometers like a ratchet type system ? something maybe similar to a rotary switch that u click up and down? Im pretty new to all this, any help would be greatly appreciated. MGF



Best Answer 6 years ago

Just get a rotary switch.
If you get a 2Pole 11Throw switch,
you can make an 11 position or less stop pot
using the fixed resistors for your desired speeds.
Or a single pole (lower cost ) more complex resistor math.  .  .  A


A pot is a lousy way to directly control the speed of a DC motor. MUCH better to use an adjustable voltage regulator.


Actually, not necessarily, particularly at very low speeds. Linear supplies are usually better then.

If you google "set speeds with potentiometer" the first link is to a pdf document that might be what you're looking for. I didn't read through the whole document, but there is detailed discussion on how to calculate and set the variable speed.