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how can i stop animation in my web pages? Answered

animations in pages i visit are unwanted. i would like to stop them. My computer isn't very fast and animations playing in these pages slows it down more. need heip. new to the computer world. I have xp sp3



Best Answer 9 years ago

Use you browser options to not automatically download images. The images will appear as thumbnails which will download when you click on them.
You're probably using IE: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Scroll down to "Multimedia" > untick "Play animations in webpages", "Play sounds in webpages" & "show pictures"
If it's FF Tools > Options > untick "Load images automatically".


Because whenever you go on a website with a flash object or video and things of that sort you have to click on a gray box with a play button to activate it

id like to help more but i dont run windows so i cant fiddle around with the settings until something works srry

That sounds like the answer I gave above: it's in the browser settings isn't it? (thanks for the reply) L

If they are animated gif's then the easy answer is to 'hit stop' , or escape, which will halt all page actions. Flash animations/adverts can be defeated in firefox with adblock plus. Just make sure to whitelist instructibles so you can send some revenue their way.


9 years ago

use firefox, and use a plugin like firefox ad kill, or any other of a number of the ad blocking programs. if you uninstall flash, that would solve most if not all of the animations. if the animation is a gif, you can use adblock in firefox to block the image.


9 years ago

Ufortunatly unless you unistall all flash players and directx, and other such grphics programs, you can't. even if you do, it will probably mess up your computer more.